Decorated dish

Decorated dish


A contemporary form with a XVIe decor, which has kept all its freshness.

Rich of ideas and applications for a gourmet coffee, it also serves you to present and serve your macaroons, meringues, chocolates, fluted or sliced fruit … use it as an aperitif for your slices of sausage … or as a plate to serve your avocados with crab or mozzarella tomatoes.

This rectangular plate  is very suitable for the conviviality of a dinner aperitif, gourmet starters, desserts, and gourmet coffees. Ideal also in colorful support of an assortment of verrines.

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Length 26 cm - width 9 cm

Exists in three decors, the fish, the bird and the carnation, all three resulting from our Provençal culture.

Also, for your kitchen, it is the ideal size for a rest spoon to be placed next to the furnace.

All are enhanced with colored crystal, choose your decoration with nail oellet, bird or fish:

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